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Q: When is it safe to turn on my salt water pool chlorine generator?

A: Manufacturers of salt water chlorine generators recommend that the units not be turned on until the water reaches 60+ degrees, and the water is clean, clear, the pH and alkalinity are balanced, and the proper amount of salt has been added.

Q: If the water level gets too low, can we turn off the skimmers and just use the bottom drains to circulate until we get water delivered?

A: Yes! You can run the pool from the bottom drains by turning the appropriate valves at the filtering system to the off position.

Q: When’s the best time to shock my pool?

A: We recommend you shock your pool after a heavy swim load and/or you have about 6-8 hours before the next swim and always while your filter is running.

Q: Why is my Polaris moving slowly, or not at all?

A: First, check the finger screen (located at the wall, where the hose is connected into) and make sure it is clear of debris. If that is clear, check the pressure on the filter and call our office to set up a service call.

*Note: Automatic cleaners are designed to maintain a pool after the initial clean up. Although they will help, often times it is necessary to manually clean the pool.

Q: I can’t keep a chlorine reading in my pool, what is causing this?

A: It could be a number of things. Make sure your water is balanced especially the cyanuric acid level. Don’t know how to test your water? Stop down to our store and have your water tested for accurate results.

Q: What causes swimmers eyes to burn?

A: 1Burning eyes can be attributed to low pH, which means the water is acidic. You would need to test the water and adjust accordingly. 2. When chlorine is added to the water it combines with organic material and forms chloramines. High levels of chloramines can cause not only burning eyes, but also the strong chlorine odor often associated with pool water. In order to remove or maintain a low level of chloramines, regular shocking is needed.

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