Celebrating 40 Years In Business!


Pacer Pool Service will take care of all your pool needs! “We do the work you have the fun!”

We carry all accessories, parts and toys for your swimming pool!

Spring Assembly – Start-up of filter, pump & motor and automatic cleaner. Light the heater (where applicable.) Assembly and installation of accessories disassembled in fall.

Winterization – Blow & plug all underground lines to prevent freeze damage. Filter, pump & motor drained and drain plugs removed. D.E. filters, cartridges opened and cleaned for storage, sand filters backwashed. Heaters turned off and drained. Ladder, handrails & diving boards removed for storage.

Spring & Winter Chemical Kits – We have All Chemical Supplies for the Swimming Season.



Cover Removal & Installation – Need a new cover? Worried about your small children or pets? Call or e-mail and we’ll come out and give you a FREE estimate for a Meyco Safety Cover.

Pool Maintenance – Pacer will come out and maintenance your pool 2 times a week, once a week, 2 times a month, or once a month. Service includes vacuuming, brushing & skimming, testing the pool water, and adding chemicals.

Going on vacation? Having a party? Pacer will come out and maintenance the pool for you while you’re away or if you need to check it off your to do list! Just shoot us an email or call the office to make arrangements!

Empty & Acid Wash– Does your pool need a facelift? For plaster pools we can empty your pool and perform a light acid wash to get the brilliance back into the plaster.

Replacement pool Liners – Check out our new replacement liners page for more details!

Equipment Installation– Need a New Filter? Pump & Motor? Automatic Cleaner? Our service technicians can install all quality equipment to help you enjoy your pool even more! Call, email or stop in and see us for a quick, accurate, and FREE estimate!

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