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Meyco Safety Covers

Safety for children and pets, the major concern for every pool owner, was the motivating factor in Meyco’s development of the mesh cover back in 1956. Decades of improvements and four U.S. patents later, Meyco continues to offer an outstanding version of the original mesh safety pool cover. Meyco pool covers exceed all ASTM standards for safety as well as many local safety requirements. When properly secured to the pool decking, the cover’s crisscrossed webbing holds taut across the pool in “trampoline style”. Meyco pool covers cannot blow off in a windstorm, are difficult to remove without the safety installation rod, and if that weren’t enough, the straps are capable of withstanding over 4,500 lbs. of tension.

Mesh Safety pool covers eliminate the need to pump off dangerous surface water since rain water drains through. Leaves and debris on the cover dry and blow off. With proper water treatment there are no algae problems. The only maintenance required for using a Mesh safety cover is to prevent the water level from falling lower than 18″ from deck level during the winter.

Tailored to fit any size or shape pool, the standard forest green fine mesh is handsome in appearance as well as maintenance free. The cover is also available in blue, black, mocha and stone gray. Non-corrosive solid brass anchors disappear flush with the deck when the cover is removed. The need for unsightly ropes, pillows, pumps and water bags is eliminated.

With more and more pool owners having less and less time on their hands these days, convenience is more important than ever. Safety pool covers are light in weight, super strong, and can be put on or taken off quickly (installation time for a standard 20’x40′ pool cover is about 5 minutes!)

Safety vs. Standard Tarp
Safety pool covers actually cost less per year of use than standard tarp covers! The larger initial investment for the safety cover is much more than compensated for by its longer mesh life and by eliminating the need for water bags, pumps or pillows.

Meyco pool covers are made of the finest materials available… the best polypropylene fabric, the strongest thread and the most durable hardware. Each pool cover is designed with deep channeled abrasion strips for cover wear protection.

Custom Shapes
When pool shapes and designs get tough, Meyco comes through like a champ! With numerous advancements in pool cover design, modern manufacturing techniques and our patented edge cushion “Polyguard” Meyco is able to properly design covers for even the most unusual and unique shapes and circumstances (rocks, waterfalls, walls, etc.).

Standard Shapes
Not to be forgotten are the many standard shaped pools…be it rectangle, wedge, bow-end or Grecian. Large inventory of these are stocked and ready to ship from our plants in New York and South Carolina. Non-stock size covers can be made quickly from your plan.

Meyco Pool Covers has long been the leader in swimming pool cover manufacturing. From the original concept and design of the safety cover, to the present state-of-the-art cover exceeding ASTM standards, Meyco has developed a fine expertise in designing covers, large and small, simple and complex. Be it the pool owner next door, across the country, or across the oceans, Meyco customers worldwide find a product they can count on, with a solid warranty and many years of research and experience behind it.

Meyco’s outstanding 12-year warranty is offered as a result of high quality materials and workmanship. Meyco pool covers are built tough and last long.

Commercial Covers
Meyco’s reputation for strong, long-lasting pool covers goes far past residential pools. Meyco pool covers are well suited for large pools at hotels, clubs and community pools. No pool is too big for a Meyco!

The “best” cover should be secured to the pool with no less than the “best” hardware. That’s why Meyco hardware is all non-corrosive solid brass or stainless steel…not plastic!
In addition to the highest quality, a variety of hardware; such as, screw-type, pop-up type and wood deck anchors are available to suit each pool’s individual needs

This pool cover material, since it’s the lightest weight, is used on the world’s largest pool covers. Some pool covers get so big, Meyco will break it into smaller pieces that combine to make 1 safety pool cover. This material and the pool cover design have been tested time and time again from cars crashing on to it to tornados trying to rip it away. The original concept of this pool cover came from looking for an alternative to the dangerous, labor intensive way of closing pools. Working with a prominent pool builder in CT, Fred Meyer worked on several materials before coming up with an early ancestor to Meycolite.

As good as the Meycolite is, the RuggedMesh came to be as way of offering something different to the industry in mesh form. It was actually one of our competitors who to their credit, really pushed for this innovation and encouraged a material manufacturer to develop an early version of what we now call RuggedMesh. The Meyco version of the RuggedMesh Pool cover is designed to filter out finer particles and block more sunlight but its also designed to be a little stronger than another similar pool cover. The one thing to consider with the Ruggedmesh Safety Cover is it’s not as forgiving as the Meycolite Safety cover. RuggedMesh pool covers can puddle easier as it may lose tension since it’s slower to drain and as its filtering mechanism begins to clog. You need a little more maintenance with the Rugged Mesh Safety Cover as it should be cleaned much better after a winter use.

The Solid Safety cover was designed to keep the water’s chemicals in the pool longer, keep out the sunlight and keep out finer debris. This will allow you to open a very clean pool in the spring. The only negative is the Solid Safety Pool Cover is heavier and not as easy to manage. Since it’s a solid, it also means water stays on top of the pool cover and the debris that would normally blow off your pool cover, is now stuck onto your cover. Meyco developed the lightweight pool cover called Permaguard to help mitigate some of these problems, but they are still something to be aware of.

Popup Anchor
“The only Spring Loaded Pool Cover anchor around that requires only one twist up and one twist down. Ask your retailer about this exclusive option.” The concept of the Pop- up anchor came with the concept of the pool cover. The two have gone hand and hand. The design was recently redone slightly due to better manufacturing technology capabilities and this has truly become the superior pool cover anchor. We have two types of anchors, so you must request this from your dealer. Solid brass pool cover anchors lay flush when not in use.

Screw-Type Anchor
“This is the industry standard but still very effective. All anchors will lay flush with your deck when not in use. It was one of the most important features I made sure we had. The image here is shown with an optional deck flange or collar.”
Solid brass pool covers anchors lay flush when not in use.

Wood Deck Anchors
“We get a lot of grief over the 2” diameter on these anchors. These are designed to go into wood or composite decks. The reason we go with the 2” diameter flange is simple, it’s better, it’s stronger and it’s going into your deck.”
Solid brass wood deck anchors get counter sunk into the deck so it lays flush when not in use. The extra wide diameter is far more costly than any of our competitors’ versions of this, but your deck is more important than our cost.

Wall Anchor
“Stainless steel anchors allow us to make the smallest hole with the most strength in features such as rocks or walls.”

Pipe Anchors Assembly
“Different decks require different anchors and this is a way to extend the holding power of a regular screw type anchor down 9”-18” into the solid ground. We recommend these for paver decks or loose rocks.”

Lawn Spike/Aluminum Pins
“These we put into planter areas where you can take them out in the summer or they can be concealed.”

“This is the other most important part of the entire safety cover system. As simple as it sounds today, over 50 years ago it wasn’t so clear, at least not to me. The spring is critical in getting a nice taut, well-fitting cover.” When it’s time to retire your pool cover, just one call to your trusted Meyco Dealer activates Meyco’s Restoration Center and ensures your new cover is shipped fast, fits right and functions perfectly.

Here’s how it works:
CALL – Call your Meyco Dealer and tell them you need a new Meyco cover. Your original Meyco cover design is safely on file in our cover library.

SHIP – Meyco’s Restoration Team will create a new cover that fits as perfectly as your original Meyco cover.

INSTALL – Your Meyco Dealer will schedule a convenient time to install your new cover so that your family and your pool is safe and secure.

If your Meyco cover just needs a little TLC, we’ll send a Meyco Restoration Kit straight to your front door (or your Meyco dealer’s front door). Your Restoration Kit includes a return-ship box for easy packaging, all labels, plus a handy set of cover folding guidelines.
Our Restoration Center’s 21-point restoration process includes a detailed inspection and thorough review of cover “trouble spots.” Meyco’s restoration team repairs areas of wear and tear so that your Meyco cover returns home as good as new or recommends a new Meyco cover to protect your family and your backyard masterpiece.


Call (610)269-7800 or email and we’d be glad to come out and give you a FREE estimate for a Meyco Safety Cover.